Mio Pink Modern Pop Art Portrait Painting

Mio Pop Art Portrait

Currently Available Here

Painted with acrylics
measuring about 24″ by 18″ inches

My thanks to Mio for being the model
and Andrew Semansco the photographer
for allowing me to use her image for this painting

Available paintings can be viewed at My Website

20 responses to “Mio Pink Modern Pop Art Portrait Painting

  1. artinthepicturecom

    Wow, nice painting.

  2. I’m happy I kept peeking at your blog.
    It looks really nice, very lively and the strong colors combine very well♥

  3. Thanks to both of you. I appreciate the compliment!

  4. Love the strawberry colours! makes it stand out.

  5. shauno,
    your artwork is wonderful!
    i ‘specially like the portraits…so bold, and yet, so intimate.
    your art inspires me.

  6. xx_love ur picz wish i could paint lyk dat_xx

    xx ♥xx♥♥xx♥xx

  7. hi i luv this pic lol xxx

  8. how did you learn to draw like that, its like you were born to draw like that,so cool luv it

  9. Benjamin McIntyre

    this is exceptional!! this has to be one of the best pieces of art I’ve seen in a long time. Keep up the good work.

    a big fan

  10. i’ve chosen u as my artist for my pop art project and was wonderin if u could tell me some background information about you and this picture – i’d realli appreciate it!!!!


  11. WOW ur portrait is amazing!! you are really talented, such a beautiful painting! x

  12. I love your pop art..! 😀
    I love the coluor and the modle looks great…
    cute too !

  13. Omg i am only 12 i go to comp and i love love love this type of pop art it is so awesome how people can draw so good my ambition is to become a pop artists my drawings are pretty good already well fingers crossed i might actually become a pop artist

  14. Very beautiful! Kan je ook nederlands?

  15. Hey baby luvage to ur pics! u is fab hun i wish i cud draw lyk dat! Sell 1 for me plz bby xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  16. how did u do this?

  17. hey this looks like me SOOOO MUCH!!!
    i was shocked when i saw this coz it looks exactly like me. haha!
    nice work!

  18. OMG I ❤ U

  19. Very very nice!!!

  20. This one is beautiful

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